Municipality of Bedekovčina

Municipality of Bedekovčina

About Municipality of Bedekovčina

The Municipality of Bedekovčina is located in the north-west of Croatia, in the region of the best transport links in Croatia, only 40 km from the capital (Zagreb), 30 km from the Republic of Slovenia and close to Hungary and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bedekovčina is located in Krapina – Zagorje County. The municipality includes 15 villages, bringing the total municipality population up to 8,079, extending over 54 km2.

Besides the proximity of the main road, the D1 state road, the railroad Zagreb – Varaždin runs through the village; a new fast road, being under construction “Popovec-Marija Bistrica-Zabok” also runs by Bedekovčina. These transport pathways contribute to spatial and economic development of the municipality and its links with international routes.

The municipality is located at 46 ° 02 'parallel north latitude and 15 ° 59' meridian east longitude, at 238 m above sea level, along the river Krapina.

Clay deposits in the municipality, have contributed to the development of the industry. Local factory is widely famous for roof tiles and closed fireplaces production.

Among natural beauties we can point out a complex of 5 lakes, called Bajeri, where recreational tourism offer is under development (swimming, fishing, and triathlon).

Among many cultural and historical attractions we can point out three castles, built in the 18th century, one of which is used as a social care institution facility.

Besides the primary school, there is also a secondary vocational and training school with three departments: medical, construction and agricultural departments, the training grounds for practice work, and the newly built sports hall. Students regularly achieve outstanding results in national competitions, both in the four-year and three-year educational programs.

Many cultural, arts and voluntary associations, sports clubs and volunteer fire department offer their activities; and each of them has achieved numerous national and international awards.

Given the very favourable geographic position, municipality of Bedekovčina has all the prerequisites for economic development. The county, within this settlement, offers a significant development focal point and the planned system of central places Regional Plan Krapina-Zagorje County provided its role as a regional centre or a small development centre.

The municipality of Bedekovčina is conveniently located in relation to the county area, as it is in its central part, relativly close to the main traffic routes. Therefore, the traffic position of Municipality will be one of the key elements of the future spatial and economic development..

The municipality in numbers:

Geographical location: North Croatia

County and NUTS2 :       County of Krapina – Zagorje, continental Croatia, HR043

Latitude:                             46 ° 02'' parallel north latitude

Longitude:                         15 ° 59 'east longitude meridian

River:                                   Krapina

Population:                        8.041

Population by settlements:

Bedekovčina 3400
Belovar Zlatarski 102
Brestovec Orehovički 334
Grabe   421
Kebel 414
Križanče 141
Lug Orehovički 223
Lug Poznanovečki 659
Martinec Orehovički 393
Orehovica 237
Poznanovec 937
Pustodol Orehovički 302
Vojnić-Breg 146
Zadravec 120
Židovinjak 212

The municipality is bordering with the Municipality of Mihovljan in the north and the Municipality of Sveti Križ Začretje in the west. The southern part of the municipality borders the towns Zabok and Donja Stubica and Municipality of Gornja Stubica. The eastern part of the municipality borders Municipality of Zlatar Bistrica and Mače.